Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Upon Kissing

I remember the first time my hubby and I kissed. 

We were sitting on a balcony talking for hours, still just getting to know each other.  I remember we sat on that balcony talking until the sun was setting and in the darkness of night, the moon shone, reflecting light upon his profile.  I studied it while he talked, and my brain went to a whole different place.
I was thinking, "Now, that is such a cute, boyish profile!" 

It was the first time that I felt a little tingle inside my tummy as I realized that, more than just conversation, I was attracted to this man. Right at that moment, I tuned back into what he was saying and realized it was about a kiss!  He leaned over and I felt the warmth of his lips. 
When you kiss the right person, you know it. 
It feels like liquid warmth and comfort, like love.

1 comment:

  1. The reason I was thinking about kissing, is because now- when I go to give my husband a passionate kiss, it literally takes his breath away. I miss those kisses and will never forget them.