Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So Beautiful~ Written By: Cathy Lewis

So so beautiful, the Poem~ 
I too have IPF, 
In the Hospital since march 2014, 
Diagnose 2012,
Always unaware, 
Always losing the battle, 
To continue in my effortlessly wandering journeys, 
That's what this disease do, 
It takes away the will the breathe,
To take another step effortlessly,  
On a ventilator creating 
And remembering,
As I always do,
No longer in the wind of nature's bliss,
But, now on the ventilator holding on to the blessings, 
and God's will.
~Cathy Lewis

*********From time to time, I am lucky enough to receive mail from readers. I read Cathy's comment, in regard to another poem written on the blog and felt that her comment, actually read as a poem. Eloquent and So Beautiful was her comment that I asked if I could use it on my blog. Cathy, Thank You for allowing me to publish your note and know that we all keep you in our thoughts and hearts. ~With Love, ~Breathing

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


For the man who wandered
Beautiful lost soul  
So many places on the road
One of your words when we did part, was for me to move on
Put it to start
It was everywhere that you wanted to be
Most importantly, Inside of me 

On my roams
I have seen the mountains 
Seen the sky
Not a day comes that I don't ask why
Where you are needed to be 
So far away from me

I sprinkle the dust like stars in the night
Watch as your beautiful spirit takes flight
Beneath my feet
Earth's ebony 
Soft as a whisper
From my hands the powder blew
Sweet is the breeze
As my spirit flew.


Dear Hubby, How am I doing?  I hope you think I am doing alright.  You said you wanted your ashes in some of the places we have roamed.  But, I thought it was more of a joke, because you and I have been to so many places.  I don't know how I would start to do that. I have tried in my own little way to fulfill your wishes.  So far, in the last two years, you are in: Cannon Beach OR, Donner CA, "Lovers Rock" NV, Wrights Beach CA, Santa Cruz CA, Snake River ID, City of Rocks ID~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Every Breath Counts~ Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis- Discovery Channel- June 21st- 8:00 am ET/PT

Finally, an opportunity for others to learn about this disease.  Despite the many lives it affects, it is still relatively unknown.  People who suffer from this disease, as well as their family members, desperately want to live.  Many also want awareness and general understanding of what they have to go through. In this documentary is a little piece of all of our stories. 

I lost my beautiful husband to this disease and as I watched the trailer to this film, for a brief moment, I felt as though I am watching something that is affecting someone else.  It wasn't us- this wasn't our family....  But, it was us.  This was our family's story.  My family lost a father and husband to this disease and I can never hold his hand in mine again.   

When I think about the tremendous impact of this experience being multiplied by all the others who are still being diagnosed, I know that every bit of awareness is necessary.  Even if you have never heard of IPF, do try to watch this and discuss it with a friend. You never know how that one action might help to find a cure.  

With Love,


To watch a preview, Click: