Saturday, November 6, 2010

Over the Fence

Whenever my husband explains how we met, he says, "Her neighbor threw me over the fence and she never threw me back."

Which is his way of saying that my neighbor introduced us. I was attending a birthday party at my neighbor's house and there he was. Wearing a tight pair of Wranglers and cowboy boots, looking ever so out of place. I handed him a piece of cake.

Two years later, he attempted to shove cake in my face (in such a loving way) on our wedding day (which I never let him forget).

Whether a husband, wife, mother, brother, sister, or friend- how many times do we think about all the reasons we love that person?

I cannot put into words all the ways I love my husband but here are a few that come to mind...

Since the day we met, we always sit at the same side of a table or booth together.

Hands are warm and a little rough,

Blond hair, beautiful and silky, curls around my finger.

Wonderful little laugh lines surround his eyes.

Hardest worker I have ever met.

Quiet and reserved, although beneath the surface is a wicked sense of humor.

Gives me slippers every year, just as my old pair are falling apart.

Believes in romance.

Always tries to give me the best.

Feel safe in his arms.

Together, the world seems like a nicer place.

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    NOVEMBER 10, 2010
    Bud,Pat you two have allways been two of my farovite people that I have every known. I love you both. this is a hurting thing that is going on. and its hard to say anything about this.Bud has been a great freind as well as a pastor to me. he is something speical,playing softball with us for years, praying for me when I got hit in the head with the ball, boy that was a bad game. Bud, I'll always will love my pastor and that you will all ways be. love you