Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Poem

A beautiful poem that was written by a niece to her uncle who has Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Rested upon my lips, words meant to be spoken,
Slumbering inside my heart, pieces left broken,
Kneeling on bended knees, prayers sent through the unseen air,
Pen within my hand, be the voice to spread the word I need to share..
I forever remember the day, when fate brought me the news,
The world stood still, left with thoughts I had to infuse,
Where was my faith? Had I not done something right?
So many questions the doctor brought to light,
It felt like the Angels song had already been sung,
Breathless I had become, in need of a new lung.

I worried my days into heartache and fear,
First there was denial, then the anger did appear,
Tears began to shed over my dimming, gray sorrow,
Finally revealing, I can still fight for tomorrow.

I felt it in the rain, when my lover and I kissed,
I knew I was more than a fading name on a list,
A new purpose I had been given, a gift to bring love,
To give my family strength, to show them how we can rise above.

My sickness will not become me, I battle with no strife,
For I already breathe the breath of a new life..
I am true to my word, and I strike with all my might!
I am not to be taken down, for I hold the will to Fight!
Author:  Connie Tucker


  1. This is just beautiful Christina...such a gift with words.

    Jeanne xx

  2. Connie Tucker is the author of the poem and is indeed very talented!
    xoxo Christina