Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jumping Out of The Bowl

I love my home, although since my husband's diagnosis we rarely venture far from it.  When someone is struggling for every breath, it's not easy to get away and even though my home equals comfort and love, there are days that the walls seem to close in and it becomes tinier and tinier...

We all loved to travel and have a bit of gypsy in our hearts.  I knew it was time to get away and made arrangements for the three of us to stay at a hotel that offered themed rooms.  When I announced this to my hubby, he had a bit of a panic attack.  Would he be able to do this?  How would it work?  I literally got down on my knees and with tears welling in my eyes, I told him that he would have to trust me.  In the process, perhaps we will create another wonderful family memory together.  Which we all so needed... 
We would take it at his pace.  All the arrangements have been made - a rented portable oxygen unit and his bags were already packed.

    He did trust me. 
The drive was only an hour and half.  It's funny how we were trading our home to stay in one, little room.  But watching his face as the countryside rolled by was precious. The room was fantastic.  It was in the theme of a sea-cave and included a waterfall, jacuzzi, multiple aquariums and a bed within a gigantic oyster shell!  The hotel made arrangements for an air-mattress by the fireplace for little Scott.  We had a take-out dinner on the bed, laughed and watched movies.  We learned not to put bubble bath in a jacuzzi.  It was a blast and more importantly, it was refreshing to our souls. 

During our stay, I fell in love with a goldfish in one of the aquariums.  On the ride home I told my husband that I was going to miss that fish, and he told me that I get attached too easily.  I think he is right, because I certainly am attached to him!  I do not know when we will have another chance to have another adventure like that, although I'm glad we took a leap of faith and jumped out of the bowl.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The strength of a man

When you think of a strong man, what do you think of? 
Is he tough?

Ripped with muscles?

Does he have endurance?

Or, the fortitude to adjust to any situation?

Before my husbands illness, he had all of the above and I always saw him as a strong man.  It was not until he became ill, that I saw his true strength.  No matter what is going on around him, or within his body, there is this light of sweetness, kindness, humor and grace that emulates from his very being.  I do not know where he finds that strength.  It must come from deep down or is something he was simply blessed with.  It seems to come natural for him and because of this, I look up to him.  I admire him.  To me, this is true strength. 

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