Sunday, April 21, 2013


This weekend my youngest son and I took an excursion into the city.  It was for his annual cardiology appointment.  He was born with a congenitial heart defect called Tricuspid Atresia.  He is now 13 and has had three open heart surgeries.  We monitor it every year.  One day, he may need a heart transplant, although his doctor indicated he is doing very well at this time :)  This made us very happy!  We brought the old camera that I found in the drawer and took a few pictures.  xoxo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Perspectives

The other day I was looking through a drawer and I found my old camera.  It has been a long time that I have used it.  I took many pictures with that old thing :)  Some of the pictures were loving or goofy times shared with my family.  Some pictures were for my, then- blog, River-Rose.  Other pictures were for my local newspaper.  But, all the pictures taken were for me.  I really love taking photos. 

I have blown the dust of the camera and hope I still know how to use it.  I am going to take a teeny-tiny bit of time for myself and hopefully, return with some new and fresh perspectives through the eye of my lens. All of which, I am going to share with you!  xoxo 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soul SAT's

Oxygen Saturation (SAT): 
Oxygen is vital for human survival. All the cells in our body need a certain amount of oxygen to carry out their duties. Oxygen saturation is the amount of oxygen that red blood cells carry, which attach to hemoglobin molecules. Normal saturation levels are 95 to 99 percent. Typically, a person will only reach 100 percent when supplemental oxygen is used. It's when saturation levels fall below 90 percent that the body begins to suffer adverse effects.  (via
The above photo is of an Oxygen Saturation journal that I kept while caring for my husband.  We usually took his SAT measurements when he was resting, then right after activity, such as a bath.  We documented how far his SAT levels dropped and how long they took to recover.  It was helpful for my husband and I to see how we could adjust his Oxygen intake according to his needs. 
As the description above indicates, that Oxygen is vital for human survival.  If the saturation level drops below certain levels then it can affect the rest of the body.  When my husbands SAT's dropped, he became tired and listless.
This has me wondering if the Soul or Spirit within us needs its own nourishment, just as our body does.  After my husband passed away, I spent a great deal of time in shock.  I dealt with this loss by realizing all the things that needed to be done around me and I busied myself with this.  As I wrote previously, I created a list of goals to achieve and set about achieving them all. 
Now, I seem to be taking a time out.  Wondering to myself what list of goals I should create next.  I sat down and started writing all of my goals, whether planting a garden or painting the house.  I know these are positive things.  But, I just sit and look at the list.  Stumped as to where to start.  My heart does not seem to be in it.  I have realized that may be because my soul needs nourishment so that it can breathe and grow.  To listen to my soul, my spirit.  To give it nourishment, feed it new oxygen.  I want to put that at the top of my list.