Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Questions For My Hubby

Did you meet God?  What is it like?  Did it feel like a warm hug?
Do you now know all of the secrets in the world? 
Can you see beyond our Universe?
What do you feel like?  Are you healthy again?  Do you feel at peace?  If so, it that the only feeling you have or are there others?
Did you meet other people, your father, my grandmother, our dog Jade?
Can you see generations ahead, our children's grandchildren, even their grandchildren?
Can you see generations behind, people in your family that you have never met?
Are you in one spot or can you go other places?  Do you decide the places you can go and if so are there any limitations?
Do you have a purpose where you are at? 
How do you move around?  Do you just think about it and it happens? 
Do you sit down?  Or just hover?
Do you think of me?  Can you see me right now? 
Do you know how much I love you?


  1. My son and I made these angels from a plastic spoon as the face and two plastic knives as the wings. We dressed them up in bits and pieces of fabric while listening to Christmas songs. I miss my hubby. I guess you can tell by this post that the thing I miss the most is our conversations. xoxo ;)

  2. The angel is adorable!! Your questions are such good questions. One day we will know wont we? I am sure you miss your hubby terribly! I feel sure he is watching over you. I know God definitely is. My love to you, Donna

  3. I am so sorry, and I'd like to know the answers to some of those questions too. My 27 year old son went to heaven in 88 and I'd love to ask him. I do know he walked into the arms of Jesus, his Saviour, and sometimes I tell the Lord, Give Jeff a big hug from me and I will see him soon. "As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness." I know this for Rick and Jeff, SATISFIED! What is it like to be completely satified? They know