Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blue Jean Boy

Last night on Christmas Eve, I had a dream about my husband. 
He was just glowing and beautiful. 
His blonde hair, soft and curly.  His complexion, just dreamy. 
It was like he was covered in a light.  He was wearing what looked like a black tux. 
With a white shirt beneath. 
I was surprised by this image until I looked all the way at him and noticed his pants were the blue jeans he always wore. 
He looked so healthy and just the way I know him to be. 

 But, like a fool, I said, "Wait!   Where are you going?  You know you can't go out." 

Just then, I noticed that he did not have any oxygen on.  He was standing beautiful, pure and ready to go. 

"I have a doctor's appointment." He  said. 

"Is it possible you are actually getting better?"  I asked him. 

Then, the dream was over. 
It was my first dream about him since he passed. 
I look at this like the best Christmas present I could ask for. 
All day today, as you can imagine, I missed him.  I kept looking up and asking for his approval. 

"Do you think I am doing okay?  Can you see that I am trying very hard to handle what, I suppose, you believe I can?" 

Still, what could a wife want more than to see her hubby so lovely and glowing. 
So handsome and assured-
as he was last night in my dream.


  1. How lovely that your husband came to you to show you he was pain free looking over you. What a lovely lovely dream. I hope you have many more dreams like this one.

  2. What a great dream!! I had one like that about my boy some time after his going. What a comfort to my heart. I wonder what we will all look like later. Probably our true selves. Oops! Maybe I'd better get busy working on mine some more.