Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Slippers

In an earlier post, I mentioned how my husband comprised a Christmas shopping list for our friend's daughter to pick up.  My hubby had to do this because he was too sick with Pulmonary Fibrosis to go out and unsure if he would make it to the holiday, my husband was so sweet to ensure that I would have presents under the tree on Christmas morn.

My husband's life did not last until Christmas, although sure enough, under the tree, there were packages and presents to me from him.  Before opening some of them, I felt I already knew what they were.  The young girl who did his shopping told me he was very specific about his list. 

There are just some things my hubby got me every year that I could always count on.  One of those things are slippers.  He wanted to always make sure my feet were warm around the house.  The style he always purchased for me were similar to the picture above, ballerina slippers.  So, when a certain package was handed to me on Christmas morning, I knew for sure it was my slippers.  My heart tugged a bit as I began to open the present.... 

Then, as I pulled them out of the package, I was surprised to meet these Christmas Elf slippers. 
As I write this, I have to chuckle.  For sure, this would not be what my husband would have normally picked.  Although, the sweet girl who shopped for him thought these are the slippers he wanted me to have. 

For the last few days, I have been walking around the house in these big, curly-toed, Elf-slippers.  They are actually pretty warm and not as difficult to navigate in as one might think, with he exception of walking up stairs.  While they are not my usual, romantic ballerina slippers- I can't help to think my husband is somewhere watching me wear these and is having a really good laugh.

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