Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are You Kind?

Today, I learned that it was the last day of Random Acts of Kindness Week.  I was at the library, checking out a few books and a young man was trying to exchange a $100 bill for a copy he had made worth 10 cents.  The librarian indicated that she did not have change for him on hand.  I knew I had about 1/4 of-a-pound of miscellaneous change somewhere in the bottom of my purse.  Most assuredly, I knew somewhere within the mix was at least a dime. 

So, I said, "I've got that in my purse."  As I fished out the dime. 

The man was so sweet, acting as though I was forking out a thousand bucks. 
It was no problem, I did have the change in my purse. 
The librarian, told me after the man had left, that it was Random Acts of Kindness Week and that I just did my part. 
She is a beautiful person, who wears a flower behind her ear. 
Very smart, of course- well read, and empathetic person, she is. 
At that very moment, she then announced that she noticed I have been choosing similar choices in books reminding her of a time that she chose the same books. 
She had dealt with the loss of a dear, loved one in the past. 
I just nodded, in agreement. 
Yes, I am checking out books about angels, the afterlife, and dreams. 

The librarian, with a flower behind her ear, then told me that when she saw me come in, she printed out a poem for me.  She pushed the piece of paper toward me and as I glanced down at the loving words of the poem, I couldn't believe
-the kindness.

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  1. This made me think about my hubby in many ways. Have you ever heard the term, "Pennies from Heaven." In my husband's service, the pastor, spoke about the fact that my hubby used to leave whatever change he had in his pocket in the 'return-change' area of phone booths. He did this as he traveled across the country as a truck driver. Many people now have the luxury of cell phones, as did he, although whenever he saw a public phone, he always left his change so that someone who needed to call home, could.