Monday, November 28, 2011

The Wood Pile

-Diary Entry-
Close to Thanksgiving my husband announced that he wants to watch as many Christmas movies as possible.  He can't get enough of them.  We eagerly watch any Christmas movie we can find -from classics to modern day stories.  If we can catch one that we have not already watched, well, that just makes our day. 

While watching a scene in one of the Christmas movies, a married couple, in their golden years, prepared for the holiday.  Within their cozy home, the wife sat on the couch, untangling a box of holiday ornaments as her husband walked in from the cold-outside, arms full of firewood to light in the fireplace. 

 I don't know why but suddenly my heart did a flip and tears sprang into my eyes.  I looked over at my husband who lay in bed, thin and frail.  I realized that during my golden years, he would not be bringing in my firewood.  I mean, logically, I already knew this.  But, it took my heart a bit longer to catch up to this notion.


  1. There is a house at the end of my street. I call it my favorite house. It is nothing extravegant although it is immaculate. An older couple lives there. If you drive by you can always see them outside in their yard tending to one thing or another.

    This picture is of their wood pile. I stopped by their house and knocked at their door. I embarassingly told them both how much I love their wood pile and could I take a picture of it? Surely they must have thought I was a real weirdo! But, the elderly husband said, well there is a real story behind that wood pile...

    He proceeded to tell me that over 30 years ago, he created the pile. One day, he went to take a piece of wood from the pile and the whole thing collapsed. That day, his wife told him that he will never again touch the wood pile and for the last 30 years she is the one who built it and tends to it. He proudly told me it was her masterpiece.

  2. I am with you on your journey

  3. Just want you to know you are not alone my friend. Lord hold this couple closely to your heart. Comfort their precious hearts! In Jesus Name I Pray, amen.