Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What If?

Written By:  Donna White

What if you were told you have a terminal illness today?

What if you were told you only had 3-5 years to live?

What if you lived a very active life and woke up one morning
unable to get out of bed and every breath you took was a cough?

What if you spent six days in the hospital and left having to wear
oxygen 24/7 -for the rest of your life?

What if you knew your lungs were basically turning into concrete
spreading like a cancer does from the lower lung lobes, up?

What if you had Grandchildren that you would not get to
see grow up?

What if-  you saw the tears falling from the eyes of your children,
husband, wife, friend, Mother, Father; as they watched you become
weaker and knowing how helpless they felt watching someone they loved,
and treasured, fighting for every breath they took?

What if you knew what it was like for someone not to be able to
take their own shower alone anymore?

What if you knew what it was like to not be able to walk from one
end of your home to other without feeling you could not get enough air
to breathe?

What if you became close to a group of people struggling to breathe
and watched as member after member died from a devastating disease?

What if you knew IPF affects approximately 200,000 Americans and an
estimated 40,000 Americans pass away from IPF each year?
Would you want to help spread awareness about a devastating disease
that is taking lives in order to find a cure?

You can help save a life!

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** PFF -IPF Awareness Week -September 18 - 24**

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  1. Thank You, Donna! You expressed every bit of what Pulmonary Fibrosis is really about... Now- What If Everyone who reads this spreads your words? xoxo

  2. Then we would have succeeded in Spreading awareness on Awareness Week or anytime! *smiles*

  3. I went through everything this says with my darling partner before i lost him last year to Pf,breaks my heart all over again reading this x

  4. What if this knowing this was your future?