Friday, September 2, 2011


As the Pulmonary Fibrosis progresses within my husband, I realize that if I am going to keep things honest regarding our experiences, then we may have some tough times ahead on this blog.  This is particularly difficult, not only because of personal aspects, but because I realize that there are many people who are reading this who also have this disease and it is very important to stay positive.  All I can do is stay true to the heading on the blog, which is, "An honest description of one family's struggle with a life threatening illness...",  and keep in mind that every family has different struggles, none are the same.

So, you may be asking yourself, "Why are there pictures of cute, little pups on the screen?"

Well, their names are Abbey Rose and Khloe June. 
They have been with us during this experience as well.  These little guys probably spend more time with my husband than anyone in the house.  They rarely leave his side. 

They are entertaining with their antics of fighting for the same toy and trying to edge-in for the best spot on our bed.  They are funny little ones.  The Chihuahua thinks she knows how to yodel.  Which is pretty hilarious and when she graces us with her best yodeling song, she then thinks she deserves a treat.  The Pug, on the other hand, is a big old meat-head.  She just bullies her way into any situation and strangely enough, she loves to do hair.  If you let her get a hold of your hair, she will tease it until you look like you came from an 80's rock band! 

If anyone is feeling sad in this house, they know. 
They will come and try to lick your tears away and lay with their head rested on their paws looking at you with sad eyes.  I believe that dogs are very intuitive and their love -genuine.  They have been a beautiful source of comfort, companionship and laughter for my husband and I feel blessed that they are with us to share along in our family's journey as well. 

No matter what form it comes... 
What would any of us do without the loving friendship of our companions?

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  1. For support, caring and information, please check out The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation on Face Book.