Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sorry, You Win!

All relationships have a bit of bickering,
an argument here and there; and my husband and I are no different.  Earlier in our relationship, we've had a few "Taming Of The Shrew" moments.  
Between you and me, it was hard to distinguish which of us were playing the role of the shrew! 
We definitely had our moments. 
I'd like to think it was because it was a love that was filled with passion, and with passionate people come passionate expressions. 
On the other hand, it might have also to do with our level of maturity. 
Perhaps, a combination of both? 
We sure had some growing up to do.

"HE never listens to me!"
"SHE just doesn't understand!"

Of course, after our blow up- inevitably one of us would pout.  You know, the "cold shoulder". 
I mean, you've got to get your message across, right?  What better way than silence. 
So we pout in silence, and time passes. 
Maybe a day or two more of not making HER coffee in the morning, or another day of me not making HIS oatmeal.  
Kisses? Don't even think about it. 
Because, of course, we are both always right! 

Over the years, we still have our moments, but the length of the "cold shoulder" time seemed to decrease.  After all, we love and need each other. 

One day, after his diagnosis, we were having one of our absurd arguments. 
He was mad.  I was mad.  
Then suddenly it struck me! 
I am so lucky to be having this argument with him! 
He is here.  He is with me! 
It crossed my mind that I don't know how long he,
my best friend that I'm arguing with,
will be here. 
Whatever time we have together shouldn't be wasted
on dumb fights (even if I am right :) so, essentially- he wins. 
Dang it!  That kind of takes the fun out of proving a point. 
Interestingly enough, ever since that has been decided, the shrews on both sides have been tamed. 

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  1. Time and Love are so Precious and fragile, lovely insights- Bless you Both!