Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Show Time Folks!

When I was a kid, I saw a movie called All That Jazz starring Roy Scheider.  Not necessarily the type of movie a young kid should see, but, hey- it was the 70's!  Directed by Bob Fosse and released in 1979, it was a cutting-edge musical that depicted the life and death of fictional character, Joe Gideon. 

Joe was a far from perfect soul, very reluctant to change his ways.  He had a heart problem and was very sick, but there were people in his life who truly loved and needed him.

He soon became involved with the "other woman", Death, played by the beautiful Jessica Lange.  As he worked through the process of understanding what was happening to him and evaluating his life, his relationship with her seemed to progress.  

All That Jazz is a tough, gritty, and brilliantly acted film that deals magnificently
with such a dark subject and had a big impact on me.  I think it was because it was the first movie I had seen that dealt with dying.
When my husband was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, this movie immediately came to mind. 
Although my hubby is a different person with a different diagnosis, I think when anyone gets news of such an illness, it is quite easy for the mind
to go to that dark place. 
Taking a good, hard, look at one's mortality is never an easy thing.
One of the first questions that people seems to ask when getting such a diagnosis is,
"How long have I got?" 

I recently heard a person, who was newly diagnosed, ask,
"So, do I refinance my mortgage with a 20-year loan?"
Of course it was said in humor, which is very refreshing! 

Everyone deals with this type of diagnosis in their own way.  One of the things I, personally, have learned is- 
Love like there is no tomorrow, because none of us truly know how long we are here.


  1. I remember seeing that great movie several times-- it was a hard movie to
    watch- but the way it was done-style,grace and earnest, made the theme bearable-Your writing is just as earnest and with a heartfelt style and grace-- thankyou for putting in writing what most of us would not find the courage to discuss. Our prayers and good wishes are always with you family,

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Your comment makes my heart swell. Thank you for reading! xoxo