Friday, February 14, 2014

My Forever Valentine~ Written by Pam Brewer

This is my first Valentines Day without my Rick. He always gave me such meaningful always came up with special arrangements or colors of "our" special meaning, etc. But, the absolute most important thing he has given me ever since I started dating him before we married, was something he probably never knew. You see throughout the years, when I'd travel either for business or family...all the times I went to North Carolina to see my parents, sometimes by myself in the 11 or so years they went there, or was gone all day on appointments, see what I mean....I'd think, "oh, I'm lonely or I'm doing these things "alone"....well, I now know, I was never, never alone....he was truly always with me and a part of me....I was, never, alone!

 He gave me the greatest gift any one could ever begin to give another person! The "being together"...a part of another person...If I was anxious to get home during the day, it was because of him. If I saw something trivial that made me smile, I didn't even realize till now, it was because I could share it with him. If we sat all evening and just once in awhile reached over and grabbed each others hands, or smiled at each other, I was so full and enjoyed that because of all these matter where I literally was on this earth, I never knew what being alone was ....because of him......Now, I "do" know what being alone is.....I can't go words....every single thing now, is "alone"...even if I'm in a big crowd.....every little nuance or joy has changed...

So, if you don't get the box of chocolates, or can't afford to go out to eat at that special restaurant, "if" you have that special have THEE greatest gift of are NOT ALONE!!!! Thank you Rick Brewer for making it so that I knew not one moment, from 1968 till Oct. 21, 2013, of being ..."alone".......I had "you"!!!!! I LOVE YOU, MY FOREVER VALENTINE!!!!

**Thank You, Pam, for sharing your heart with us on this Valentine's Day!  My heart, filled with love, goes out to you.  ~Breathing

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