Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We Are Only Human by Adrian Glyn Rosser

 "I think the one thing that we all forget is we are only human and we get used to rushing about doing this that and the other and we cope with this daily x then some little disease comes along like IPF and bang we have to stop and evaluate our lives x nobody explains that you might not be able to do the garden anymore or it takes twice as long to do the simple things like getting dressed going to the toilet and shopping x so if I can offer any advice to all the new ones who have just had this diagnosed don't be too hard on yourselves you still have a brain a heart and feelings it's just the Lamborghini engine has been replaced with a moped x"
~  Adrian Glyn Rosser

**Thank You, Adrian, for sharing.  It is true that it is so diffucult for the brain to follow what is going on with the body.  Be patient, gentle and caring with yourself.  ~Breathing

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