Friday, June 28, 2013

Well, Will You Look At That!

My hubby loved classic cars.  He had an uncanny way of knowing the year, make and model of most cars that we ran across.  If there was a classic car on the road, in a field, or in our general vicinity, his sonar went up and he would be sure to locate it.

He would point them out to me and my son.  "Well, will you look at that!" He exclaimed. 
We would all crane our necks to see what he was pointing out. 

After my hubby passed away, my son continues to point them out.  He tries his best to name the model or the year it was made and when I ask him how can he tell, he says it's all in the headlights, or the grill, or the doors.  It warms my heart to see this in my son. 

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